Keep on the Shadowfell

The Massacre of Winterhaven

The band fractures, and faith tested

The remaining band awaken the next night, having been visited by Selune, and warned of the actions of Shar, putting their delicate stalemate in jeopardy. Niniel is told to seek out the protector of Winterhaven, and seek his help.

Her prayers to Selune guide them to the tomb of Sir Keegan, past the skeletal guardians. Once facing him, the party convince the undead knight to assist them, and he presents them with Aecris, a holy blade of the Silver Goddess.

Meanwhile, in Winterhaven, Zalenea is visited by Kalarel, the high priest of the death cult, and promises to assist Zalenea as the scion of Shar, as long as he can continue to resurrect Shadraxil and together they can bring Shar’s word to Sembia and Cormyr. To this end, Zalenea is presented with a dagger, imbued with Shar’s power, and is transformed to a dark angel of Shar.

The party return to Winterhaven, and discover half the population dead, and the others slaves. And Rudnya discovers a dagger at his side that was never there before…

Facing down Zalenea, the power of Selune in Aecris transforms Niniel into an exarch of Selune.
Rudnya then attempts to convince Zalenea that he is betraying the party, fakes the murder of an innocent child as proof, and bluffs his way to their side.
Unfortunately the ruse works too well, and no-one knows whose side he is on!

The battle commences, with Zalenea and Niniel battles on the ground and in the air for their gods, whilst Thorbad, Calixto fight Bairwin and Kalarel, whilst Rudnya pursues his own agenda with his mysterious dagger.

The melee is brutal, with Thorbad and Rudnya falling and reviving. Kalarel is destroyed, but at the cost of Calixto, whose body is sundered by Zalenea in praise of Shar. As Bairwin falls, Zalenea flees the losing battle, prepared to go to the Keep and revive Shadraxil.
Niniel pursues, and catches, with a final attack in the air. Forsaking her new god, Zalenea turns to The Eternal Void, and a hole in space and time is ripped open, and an appendage of the mindless horrors of beyond drags her into the eternity of deep time.

Exhausted, the heroes rest, mourn their fallen, and ponder their next step.



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