Keep on the Shadowfell

Into the Keep

The band ventures into the darkness of Shadowfell Keep

Overnight, Zalenea sneaks away from the inn to meet Bairwin.
Inside his shop, he reveals his role as a priest of Shar, a dark temple, and an unholy ritual. To ensure she is not discovered, Zalenea kills a sacrifice, which imbues the worshippers with the power of Shar.

Trying to sneak back, she is discovered by Calixto and Rudnya, who become suspicious of her intentions.

The next morning, after stocking up on supplies, they venture out into the wilderness, and discover the ruins of Keegan’s Keep, now known as the Keep on the Shadowfell, to find Kalarel, and thwart this plans to free Shadraxil.

They delve into the keep, fighting goblins and zombies, until they are confronted by Balgron the Fat, an oversized goblin, who reveals the passphrase to the 2nd level, “and all life fails in the dark”, but are forced to kill him as he attempts to flee and betray them over magical runes.


They bravely continue on, but whilst the party is occupied with the undead and the treasure they guard, Zalenea slips away and back to the town of Winterhaven.

They rest and recuperate, but unbeknownst to them, Zalenea has arrived at Winterhaven, which is being attacked by a host of zombies and kobolds. Lord Paedrig pleads with Zalenea to assist in the defense of Winterhaven, and investigate the source of the walking dead, the graveyard just outside the town limits. Zalenea convinces Paedrig to allow her entry to rest and heal, and she will investigate tomorrow, but secretly she find and kills Sister Linora within the template of Chanteau.
She then goes to Bairwin, and in an unholy ceremony, is turned into a creature of the Shadow Weave.
She emerges from the temple, a beast of unholy might and terror, and proceeds to attack the militia from behind, letting the zombies and kobolds overwhelm the defenses.
Winterhaven falls.
Zalenea beheads Paedrig, using his blood to scrawl Shar’s symbol on the town gates, and deposit his head as an offering to Shar, and takes over Winterhaven.

Meanwhile, the rest of the band head into the 2nd level of the Keep, determined to find and stop Kalarel…



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