Keep on the Shadowfell

From Highmoon to Winterfell

Our adventurers learn of Winterhaven's needs, and shocking revelations

Journal #1 – Winterhaven, a town of secrets and mystery

Our adventurers, enjoying the hospitality of the Gilded Lady in Highmoon, the capital of Deepingdale, and befriend Gevarn, an acolyte of Chanteau.
But, as soon as introductions are done, a group of ruffians looking for Gevarn approach, and Thorbad opposes their manner toward Gevarn, and our heroes are forced to defend themselves.
Once the dust settles, they learn that these thugs may not be what they appear, and Gevarn is sent to seek help, as Sister Linora of Winterhaven has suspicions that an evil cult has infested Winterhaven, but without evidence, Lord Paedrig will do nothing, so outside help is sought.

Our band agrees to assist, and before long, find themselves in Winterhaven, and learn that Linora only has suspicions based on some deaths of locals, and merchants on the Eastern Road. Without further evidence, our adventurers look for additional work to uncover any hints.
They agree with Lord Paedrig to deal with the kobold infestation, and set a trap!

The trap is sprung, and kobold villains dispatched, the band heads to their lair, and with astounding bluffing by Rudnya, come face to face with their leader, the goblin Irontooth!

Irontooth relays a letter from his master, Kalarel, revealing that there is more at play than mere kobolds, and that Winterhaven is under threat from these devotees to Shar, and the mighty dragon Shadraxil.

After consulting with Valthrun the Prescient, they learn that the grave to the south of Winterhaven is in fact a lie, and the mighty evil dragon Shadraxil still lives, caught between this world and the Shadowfell, and Kalarel seeks to unleash him!



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