Welcome Adventurers

Herein lies the tales of your journey

Our Band of Heroes

Calixto – Died in the Battle of Winterhaven
Zalenea – Taken by The Eternal Void

Journal of Adventure

Journal #1 – From the Gilded Lady to Winterhaven
Our band answers a plea for help, but help from what?
Journal #2 – Into the Shadowfell Keep
The adventurers head into the darkness of the keep, but danger awaits above and below
Journal #2 – The Massacre of Winterhaven
The party is betrayed, and true evil is revealed



Notes and Letters

Kalarel to Irontooth
Valthrun’s Research into Shadowfell Keep and Shadraxil
Password to the 2nd Level


Keegan’s Blackscale Armour


Lord Paedrig – Lord of Winterhaven
Elias the Old – A humble farmer to all appearances
Valthrun the Prescient – The local scholar, with knowledge of lost things
Bairwin – A simple merchant
Sister Linora – Cleric of Chanteau
Gevarn – An acolyte of Chanteau
Irontooth – The leader of the Kobolds
Balgron the Fat – A large goblin, guarding the first level of Shadowfell Keep
Sir Keegan – The undead protector of Winterhaven and the Shadowfell Keep

Keep on the Shadowfell

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